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Hot Stones Massage is a treatment which has swept the western world recently, but its origins are to be found way back in the rituals and ceremonies of ancient worlds and civilisations. It was and is used in Native American sweat lodges and the Mexican ‘temazcal’ (House of Stones) to cleanse and purify the body and mind.


There is a whole philosophy behind the use of hot (and cold) stones and many people find the treatment very powerful in a spiritual way, but the simple physiological benefits of heat cannot be denied. In addition to the benefits of therapeutic massage, the rate of metabolism is further increased; there is a greater local increase of fluid circulation and tissue elasticity, toxins are removed more quickly and many people find that the heat helps them to let go more easily.


These are reasons why regular Hot Stones massage can be the treatment of choice for relieving chronic muscle tensions and general stress-related symptoms, and may be used as a supportive tool in any detox or weight-loss regime. During a Hot Stones massage, heated volcanic basalt stones are used to penetrate deep to the muscle, helping to melt tensions away. The varying size of the stones means that they fit comfortably within the contours and angles of the body. They can also be placed on different parts of the body, such as the back, legs, abdomen and face. Tiny stones may be used for the spaces in between the toes, or gently rounded stones may be placed in the palm of the hand whilst other body parts are being massaged. The massage is performed alternating between stones and hands.


The stones I use have been hand-picked in the Jordan Valley. They were formed in the fire of the Golan Heights and have been smoothed over many years on their way down to the Sea of Galilee. They cooled very slowly, which means they have an exceptionally high lava content.


Feel your tensions melt away…


Hot Stones Massage

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear





"A deep tissue massage but with a difference. Beautifully, smooth, rounded and heated volcanic stones become an extension of Eva’s fingers. Eva gives you an invigorating full body massage (tailored to your liking) using the volcanic rocks of different sizes and an odourless oil to allow them to glide over the surface of your body. Her fingers would find the areas in your muscles which were tight and then she would use the right sized stone to work that knot out. The heat from the rock and the massage that Eva would give to those muscles would ease out the tenseness. It would leave a wonderful lingering feeling of heat after she had finished working on that area. Eva knows her stones very well and it is amazing how she picks the perfect one to suit the needs of the body. I left Stillpoint on a blissful cloud, my body feeling great and amazingly warm afterwards for hours. Everyone I met complimented me on the wonderful glow I had! I highly recommend you giving this a try."


Jo Bertzeletos, Yoga Teacher