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Therapeutic massage


"I was suffering a lot from neck and shoulder pain and had tried physio but found it was making it worse.  I was then recommended to you by my PT.  It has been enlightening, learning about how to listen to my body more and encouraging self healing with doing some manipulation at home which has helped me a great deal.

I now have no more pain and my recovery from my neck and shoulder has been speedy. The treatment was spread out to compliment my chiro appointments and I found that they both complemented each other in aiding my recovery."






"Fantastic, healing, informative, restorative, encouraging, balancing!  I would have recurrent headaches, maybe lasting 3 days every 1-2 weeks. This was linked to muscle tightness in my upper back and into my neck, likely as a result of stress at work and historical climbing muscle fatigue. I was hoping that Eva would follow her own style and become in tune with my aches and pains as well as the flow of how the difficulties potentially linked together.


Eva massaged me before I realised I was expecting my first baby and then continued right through the pregnancy, and now again after the baby. It has been a journey to feel how my body and mind have changed and she subtly reminds me to pace myself!


I also hope to try the scar tissue release, after the unplanned caesarean section I had at my daughter’s birth. This will be another step in helping to heal the physical and emotional body through holistic massage.


As a result there is a definite decrease in headaches and a close second – time for myself!"






''I was working in a stressful job that involved a lot of time sitting at a desk and using a computer.  The job was exciting and interesting and it wasn't until I had retired that I noticed that my shoulder movements were limited and my wife commented I was developing a stoup.  I thought this was partly due to old age, but I had been involved with massage thirty years ago and thought massage treatment may help or at least prevent any further deterioration.  I didn't have any reservations about working with Eva, especially after having had a recommendation from a friend.  Eva did an excellent job, not only has there been no deterioration, but a considerable amount of improvement.  I particularly like her style of massage, professional but individual and well tailored to my needs.  After working with Eva I now realise that regular massage is a very effective way of remaining healthy''




"Thank you very much for a marvellous massage today. Your gentle probing fingers wrinkled out those difficult ‘knots’ under my shoulder blades. I really did feel a new, more relaxed and flexible me after you had finished. I much appreciated your professional approach to my individual needs and the helpful information you gave me. I felt it was tailor made for me personally. Not only did you ease my aches and twinges, but I also felt wonderfully toned afterwards."

Mrs G Holland


"I had had back massages in beauty salons previously, but really wanted to experience a ‘proper’ massage. I saw Eva and have continued to do so ever since. I really enjoy going to see Eva, every time I go it’s different, she uses different techniques and concentrates on different parts of my body each time so each session is a new experience. It has also been helpful as Eva has discovered areas of tension that I didn’t even know I had and worked on them to help relax them. This along with the practical help she gives regarding stretches to try to release tension means that the benefits of the massage last longer and I have an increased awareness of my body. I find my sessions with Eva really valuable and my husband and both of my parents have also become clients of hers. My Mum and Dad had only ever had a massage once before (a back massage last year whilst on holiday, something I had booked for them as a treat) and I did have to ‘gently persuade’ them to come along and have a session just to see how they felt. They both really enjoyed the experience and are now halfway through their first block booking!"

Marie O


"I'd forgotten what it was like to relax, to let go all the tensions. Having therapeutic massage with Eva is just that - very therapeutic, very relaxing. It makes me feel younger and more vital. Having session with Eva is a real treat - I'm really pleased I gave myself permission to have something just for me. Once I'd had a few massage sessions I began to realise that what was initially a "treat" for me, was much more than that. It has become a powerful way of getting back into touch with my body, a way of learning how I'd treated it over the years and what I could do now to better care for it, ie for me. Eva's massage has been increasingly therapeutic in its results. I have arthritic trouble with my knee, my feet, and my neck. Her work has helped me to regain flexibility, and take action in other aspects of my life. I really feel I am getting my life back again."

Clive Ley


"Well worth the treatment. I have been made aware of better posture and to relax with exercise."

Eric G


Hot stones massage


"A deep tissue massage but with a difference. Beautifully, smooth, rounded and heated volcanic stones become an extension of Eva’s fingers. Eva gives you an invigorating full body massage (tailored to your liking) using the volcanic rocks of different sizes and an odourless oil to allow them to glide over the surface of your body. Her fingers would find the areas in your muscles which were tight and then she would use the right sized stone to work that knot out. The heat from the rock and the massage that Eva would give to those muscles would ease out the tenseness. It would leave a wonderful lingering feeling of heat after she had finished working on that area. Eva knows her stones very well and it is amazing how she picks the perfect one to suit the needs of the body. I left Stillpoint on a blissful cloud, my body feeling great and amazingly warm afterwards for hours. Everyone I met complimented me on the wonderful glow I had! I highly recommend you giving this a try."

Jo Bertzeletos, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Nature Sheffield.


Face Massage


"Thank you so much for my wonderful Tsuboki Massage yesterday. It felt very nurturing and deeply relaxing. This morning my face definitely looks rested and more open, so I am curious to see what would happen cumulatively."

Susanna Grace


"I was nervous about having my face massaged but I felt safe in Eva’s hands. She is a very skilled therapist. it was a very relaxing experience and my skin felt wonderfully silky afterwards."

Vicky Gaughan


"The purest form of relaxation I have ever experienced."


Helen O