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Massage is not only great as a ‘treat’, but regular massage can have profound effects on your health. It can help your body to find a state of ‘homeostasis’, or inner balance, and promote the body's self-healing abilities.


Benefits include:


• reduced stress levels

• improved mood

• better immune functioning

• better digestion

• lower blood pressure

• increased metabolism

• less muscular tension

• improved muscle tone

• increased mobility & range of motion

• better breathing, body awareness &

  self-image, and many others...


What does ‘holistic therapeutic’ mean?


’Holistic’ means that the person is looked at as an individual, taking into account not only physical, but also emotional aspects and lifestyle. ‘Therapeutic’ means that the massage aims to help to stimulate the self-healing abilities of the body and to restore a state of ‘homeostasis’, or inner balance. ‘Holistic therapeutic’ also means that there is no fixed routine or sequence – the work is performed intuitively, working with what you are bringing into the session on the given day and using the appropriate techniques and depth of strokes.


My approach


Depending on the client’s needs, I combine Swedish massage techniques such as effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading) and tapotement (percussion) with passive joint mobilisation, simple acupressure, rocking, pulsing and other techniques. I hope that you will go away with better body awareness and self-appreciation, finding it easier to face the day or week ahead of you. If you are interested in doing some work yourself inbetween sessions in order to prolong and perpetuate the effects of the treatment, I can advise on self-massage, simple exercises and relaxation techniques.

Massage can help with:


• chronic pain

• depression

• anxiety

• irritability

• poor, restless sleep

• arthritis/osteoarthritis

• fibromyalgia

• impaired memory

• fatigue

• sciatica, restless legs, frozen shoulder

• other symptoms and

  stress-related conditions...

Therapeutic Massage




Series of 6 or 12 treatments

"I'd forgotten what it was like to relax, to let go all the tensions. Having therapeutic massage with Eva is just that - very therapeutic, very relaxing. It makes me feel younger and more vital. Having session with Eva is a real treat - I'm really pleased I gave myself permission to have something just for me. Once I'd had a few massage sessions I began to realise that what was initially a "treat" for me, was much more than that. It has become a powerful way of getting back into touch with my body, a way of learning how I'd treated it over the years and what I could do now to better care for it, ie. for me. Eva's massage has been increasingly therapeutic in its results. I have arthritic trouble with my knee, my feet, and my neck. Her work has helped me to regain flexibility, and take action in other aspects of my life. I really feel I am getting my life back again."


Clive Ley