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Four-handed massage


Skillfully performed by two professional therapists with over 15 years of combined work experience and a background in therapeutic (relaxation) massage, deep tissue work, rhythm work (rhythm mobility), and hot stones.


4 hands working in unison, giving you a unique massage experience.



The inspiration


Whilst working together on an extensive deep tissue training course, Eva and Jade discovered the joy of the many ways in which they could work together in stretching and moving somebody, connecting the body´s hemispheres and awakening the senses in a way that one therapist alone simply cannot do, but for which 4 hands are needed!


More information on www.twofold-massage.co.uk


Twofold Massage


Available on

specific Thursdays

and Fridays


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"I cannot put into words accurately enough to best decribe the feeling and experience of having two therapists work on your body at one time. It is something that neeeds to be experienced to fully gain the understanding of how amazing it felt. A true feast for the senses - invigorating, relaxing, balancing, awakening, calming, realigning and releasing"

Jayne, Sheffield